Piggy Backer
Compact Cargo Trailer for Motorcycles

Piggy Backer
Compact Cargo Trailer for Motorcycles

Piggy Backer
Compact Cargo Trailer for Motorcycles


2005 Piggy Backer Motorcycle Trailer

This is how it looked when I brought it home...

Motorcycle touring is so much more enjoyable with a cargo trailer.  Basically, you can take it with you!  There are many different styles and many different options available to motorcyclists in the market for a trailer.  One can spend a little or a lot.  I have wanted a cargo trailer for quite some time but I didn't want to spend a lot of money for a trailer I was only going to use three or four times a year.  I began to search the internet and I found the Piggy Backer.  After several  trips to the Piggy Backer website and to my favorite Motorcycle Trailer Towing Forum I decided to take the plunge.

I placed a phone call to Tom at 1-800-448-4841 and ordered my trailer.  They sell the Piggy Backer for $595 plus shipping.  They are located in Easley, South Carolina, which is only about an hour and a half or so from where I live in North Georgia.  I saved myself the shipping costs and rode up and picked it up myself.  Also, since I picked the trailer up in person, it was already put together for me.  I can't begin to say enough nice things about Tom and his company.  It was truly a wonderful buying experience.  Everyone I talked to at the company was very nice and they made me feel like they truly appreciated my business.



This is how my Piggy Backer looked when I got it home.  Because I picked it up at the factory I didn't have to put it together.  I am completely satisfied with the trailer, it's appearance, build quality and value.  It came with a cooler rack, tongue stand, chrome wheels and a chrome coupler.  It even came with a spare time mounted on a chrome wheel.  This well built, beautiful and ergonomic trailer is truly an excellent value. 



HitchDoc Trailer Hitches for Motorcycles


When you set out to tow a trailer you will obviously need a trailer hitch.  Most everyone I talked to recommended HitchDoc.  I placed a phone call to them at 1-800-446-8222 and ordered my trailer hitch.  I was told to specifically ask if they had my hitch in stock,  because if it was out of stock it could take weeks for them to fill my order.  As luck would have it my receiver style hitch was in stock.  I ordered the hitch and was told it would ship the next day.  True to their word it shipped quickly and arrived at my door four days later.  When I unpacked it and checked the contents I was impressed with the quality of the chrome and the overall appearance of the hitch.  Installation was pretty straight forward.  It took about two hours to install the hitch.  This included a trip to the local hardware store to pick up a Torx Head bit to remove my stock bolts.  Everything bolted up nicely and the hitch looked good when it was installed.


Trailer Wiring Made Easy...

Wiring my 2004 FLHTCUI for pulling my new Piggy Backer trailer was a lot easier than I expected, thanks to the great advice I got from my friends at the Delphi Motorcycle Trailer Towing Forum.  First I had to go to my local Pep Boys auto parts store and pick up a Hoppy Power Converter.  This nifty little device draws all the power for the trailer lights directly from the battery.  I also visited J&P Cycles website and ordered a trailer wiring splice plug (part number 300-077).  It came in within four days also.  Time to wire the bike!

Wiring the bike was relatively easy.  First I took off the seat and disconnected the battery.  I then plugged in my trailer wiring splice into the wire for my taillights.  I have the Harley Davidson auxiliary brake light kit on my bike (part number 91699-99A) so I plugged in the wiring splice in before the brake light kit. The module for the Harley kit can be seen in the above photo.  Its the black box zip-tied to the backrest bracket.  Next I wired the Hoppy converter into the wiring splice wires and connected it to the battery (see top left photo).  I zip-tied and wire wrapped everything up nice and neat and placed the Hoppy converter into the space next to the Battery (see top right photo).  After hooking everything back up I checked the lights.  Everything was working as it should be with the trailer both hooked up as well as unhooked.


Tweaking the Trailer...

As good as the Piggy Backer is, nothing really stay stock for long does it?


I'm not really going to do much to my Piggy Backer trailer.  One of the first things I did was shorten the safety chains and swap out the hooks for a couple of snap links.  I also wrapped the wiring with plastic wire wrap.  I added a Plug Guard plug protector to the tongue to keep the 4-Wire plug out of harms way when the trailer is in storage.  I relocated the spare tire to the end of the tongue shaft on the bottom of the trailer.

Folding Tongue Stand

I really wanted to have a folding tongue stand on the Piggy Backer and this is what I came up with.  I ordered a small folding Atwood stabilizer jack from a vendor off of e-bay.  I wont post a link to him because I was unhappy with the deal.  The picture in the auction showed a chrome plated jack with a "buy it now" price of $21.95.  I bought it and when it arrived it was black.  I re-read the auction and in the fine print it said the stabilizer jack was black, not chromed as pictured.  My bad, I should have read more closely in the first place.  Still, this is bad business so I wont support the guy's business.  At any rate, the jack looks OK black and I'm happy with how it works.  Do a Google search for "Atwood stabilizer jack" and you should be able to find one for about $15.


L.E.D. Third Brake Light

I added this nifty little 3rd brake light to the top of the Piggy Backer.  I ordered it off of E-Bay from a vendor who calls himself Closer2Wholesale.  I was very happy with the sale.  I paid $23.99 for it and it has 28 L.E.D.s in it.  This thing lights up really well.  Wiring it in was pretty easy.  I just mounted it to the top of the carrier and ran the wires to the brake lights.  I wired it in so that it comes on with the brake lights as well as the turn signals.  This way it flashes when the turn signal is on with the brakes.  If I'm sitting still waiting to turn I now have an extra flashing warning light!

L.E.D. Tail Lights

I also wanted to add L.E.D. tail lights to the Piggy Backer.  I picked up this set of neat looking, submersible lights from my local Tractor Supply Company.  They were on a clearance shelf for $31.95 for a whole trailer wiring kit.  That was a pretty good deal so I went with these.  They are much brighter than the stock lights and draw less current.  Coupled with the 3rd brake light you can really see the back of this trailer!


How does it tow?

Well, I'm really happy to report that the Piggy Backer tows and tracks very well.  Based on the advice I have been given I am running 30 pounds of air in the tires and I usually have about 20 pounds of tongue weight.  I measure the tongue weight with a fish scale I bought at Wal-Mart. When I first got the Piggy Backer I towed it around town completely empty with and without a passenger.  Without a passenger I could feel the trailer behind the bike more.  I felt the trailer much less with a passenger riding on back.  I recently got back from a 1,000 mile trip to Panama City Beach in Florida.  The trailer was loaded down with clothing and gear for two people.  I also took two full face helmets (to wear in the rain) as well as two beach chairs and a beach umbrella.  Using the trailer made packing much easier and there was room for everything.

Some trailer manufacturers like to brag about how their trailer "...absolutely will not bounce".  I think that this is trying to scare folks into buying their way overpriced trailers by perpetrating a myth that trailers other than theirs will bounce around and upset the bike.  The Piggy Backer was priced far, far less than those trailers and I didn't notice it bouncing around.  After getting used to the trailer I quit worrying about it and enjoyed the ride.  If your shopping for a trailer don't let someone selling overpriced trailers scare you with unfounded stories about bouncing trailers.  Thanks to the Piggy Backer you don't have to spend a fortune for a great trailer that will satisfy all your traveling needs.



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Compact Cargo Trailer for Motorcycles

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RV Stuff USA (source for Atwood folding stabilizer jack)

Closer2Wholesale (my source (e-bay vendor) for the third brake light)

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