Peace Officer Special Edition

Click HERE for a list of the accessories I had on this bike.


My last  ride was a 2004 Harley-Davidson Peace Officer Special Edition Ultra Classic.  I ordered the bike on January 31, 2004 from Cycle World in Athens, Georgia.  On March 8, 2004,  my salesman called me and told me that the bike was in and was ready to be picked up.  This was the first Harley I had owned in a long time and I was really amazed at how far they had come since the old Sportster I had before it.  This bike was absolutely fantastic.  It was very comfortable to ride and handled like a dream for such a big heavy bike.  The in-dash CD player and XM radio really made the ride that much more enjoyable.  I always wondered how in the world I rode for so long without one!  I sold this bike on June 14, 2006.  I sure do miss it!!

Various pictures of the bike and the trailer...